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  • Original

    1. The Frovegerie® that started it all... our pioneer: the Frovegerie® Original. Created with the intention of revolutionizing the world of cheeses, our Original is the champion in our crusade against animal abuse, the destruction of our environment... and the destruction of our health. But man does not only live of that: you also have to enjoy the pleasures of life! And our Frovegerie® Original is undoubtedly one of those pleasures. Try it and you will be surprised with its delicious flavour. Guaranteed!

  • Ahumado / Smoked

    1. The most special Frovegerie® of our family, the Frovegerie® Smoked, meets all our ethical and health requirements, at the same time that it differs from the rest thanks to a unique post-curing process: the smoking process with oak and apple tree shavings. The shavings give it a truly special flavour and aroma... a flavour that will surprise and satisfy the most exquisite palates. Paladé and enjoy!

  • Trufa / Truffle

    1. The option for the most sybarite palates. This Frovegerie® has an intense aroma and a delicious black truffle flavour, while respecting our commitment with health, the environment and the animals, our friends. Made with black truffle oil, it will leave the most demanding palates speechless. Check it out and delight yourself!

  • Tom Yum Thai

    1. The Frovegerie® for the most adventurous souls. Take your travel palate through the exotic flavours of Thai culture with this unique combination of typical Thai ingredients: lime, ginger, coconut... and a touch of spicy chili. Venture out!
  • Fresco Tipo Burgos

    1. If you ever thought that becoming vegan means not enjoying the fresh Burgos cheese again... you were wrong! Try out our Burgos-type Frovegerie®, and tell us if we are wrong!
  • Curry

    1. We know you like exotic flavours, that's why we include Tom Yum. But we also think that curry is something you will like, and this is not just any curry: it is a Frovegerie® Curry! Here it is. We are looking forward to you enjoying it to the fullest!

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